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Mindfulness of our neurophysiological requirements

Premise: Mindfulness of our neurophysiological requirements for freedom and effective functioning leads to epigenetic changes that profoundly influence the experience and presentation of core “self” in everyday life. Technology-assisted self-realization (TASR) means the use of technology to assist in mindfulness of our neurophysiological requirements. Here we will discuss the “brain-computer-brain interface” (BCBI), neuromodulation and neurofeedback to monitor and train EEG (electroencephalogram) patterns associated with “higher” states of consciousness. When one strays from mindfulness of nature, when there is an apoptosis of the self, or cultivation of oblivion, often under the influence of overwhelming trauma, toxins and uncertainty, then there are epigenetic switches thrown to amplify “sickness” behavior. These include changes to the neuroplasticity and dynamics of the neural networks involved in experience and theory of mind, self, other and world. Under such circumstances the past and the future both take a heavy toll on the conscious experience of the moment. Neurofeedback (NFB) allows the sub-conscious and conscious minds access to precise metrics about fundamental behaviors of its neural networks. Under the best of circumstances, the brain uses this information to seek adaptation and efficiency. .
The Cat in the Carpet (Ch2 Experiments with sentient beings)- Douglas Dailey
The Cat in the Carpet - Douglas Dailey
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